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Publication plans

Publications on presentations made at the 1st workshop will be included in a special issue of the Journal of Marine Systems.

Papers for special issue

M.E. Inall, P. Gillibrand, C. Griffiths, N. MacDougal, K. Blackwell. 'On the Oceanographic Variability of the North-West European Shelf to the West of Scotland.'

C.L.J. Frid, P.R. Garwood, L.A. Robinson 'Observing change in a North Sea benthic system: A 33 year time series.'

R. Bolanos, G. Jorda, J. Lopez, J. Puigdefabregas, J. Gomez, M. Espino 'The XIOM: 20 years of a regional coastal observatory in the Spanish Catalan coast.'

H.E. Seim, C.N.K. Mooers, J.R. Nelson, R.H. Weisberg, M.Fletcher 'Towards a regional coastal ocean observing system design for the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association.'

Steve Groom, Victor Martinez-Vicente, James Fishwick, Gavin Tilstone, Gerald Moore, Tim Smyth and Derek Harbour 'The Western English Channel Observatory: optical characteristics of station L4'

K. Lewis, J.I. Allen 'Validation of a hydrodynamic-ecosystem model simulation with time series data collected in the western English Channel' Siddons, L.A., Wyatt, L.R., Wolf J. 'Assimilation of HF radar data into the Swan wave model'

G. Korres, K. Nittis, I. Hoteit and G. Triantafyllou A high resolution data assimilation system for the Aegean Sea hydrodynamics

Shiho Kobayashi & Tateki Fujiwara. 'Estimation of the effect of shelf water intrusion on hydrographic conditions of a coastal region by numerical simulation for 30 years.'

Jinyu Sheng, Jun Zhao, Li Zhai 'An examination of circulation, dispersion and connectivity in Lunenburg Bay of Nova Scotia using observations made by the Canadian Ocean Observatory and a nested-grid circulation model.'