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Grants and exchange visits

Grants (max £3k) are available for 1-2 week exchange visits between different Coastal Observatory groups anywhere in the world.

Four grants have aleady been allocated since the first call for exchanges between 1 April 2006 until 31 March 2007. Proposals are now required by 30 April 2007 for the 2nd call.

In addition there are also grants available to attend the workshop meetings.

In both cases please contact John Howarth

Recent successful grants

Andy Bradbury (Channel Coastal Observatory)
Visit the Pacific Island Global Ocean Observing System.

Phil Knight (POL)
Visit to IOS Victoria, Canada, VENUS cabled observatory.

Tim Smyth (PML)
Visit to Woods Hole, USA, Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory.

Ben Wilson (SAMS)
Visit Brisbane, Perth and Sydney Australia.