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Llanddulas radar site

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Llanddulas radar site

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Aerial view of site, looking eastwards
Aerial view of site, looking eastwards
Site description
The Llanddulas radar site is at 53°17.4'N, 3°37.2'W on a former landfill site. The site has been covered by topsoil and is covered in low growing weeds, with occasional debris showing through.

Radar layout
The 16 receive (Rx) antennae are .5 km west of the 4 transmit (Tx) antennae and directly between the cabin housing the control equipment and the sea. The Rx antennae are .5m above the Tx antennae.

The Rx antennae are in a line array aligned 102.2 degrees from N, making the boresite (90 degrees perpendicular to the array) 12.2 degrees. Data are recorded every 20 minutes but only the hourly values are transmitted back to NOC for display on the internet.

Site problems
- power surges causing potential hardware problems and time out
- rabbit/squirrel burrowing/knawing damaging cables
- contract grass cutters taking out the guy lines supporting the antennae

Operational frequencies

Time past hourFrequency
00 mins13.430 MHz
20 mins13.465 MHz
40 mins13.395 MHz

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