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General notes
  • Data starts 1st August 2005. All data since then has been processed using the NOC (POL) tide/depth model to provide water depth for the wave inversion.
  • From 7th September 2007 onwards, a new utility was introduced by the manufacturers Helzel, to give even more accurate positioning of the data on the sea surface.
  • Data are recorded over 8 mins 52 seconds and collected every 20 minutes.
  • Data are processed when each calender month is complete, and accessable from the web on completion.
  • From March 2007 onwards, wave data for certain cells were no longer processed as the beam angle was deemed too wide. Data for these cells therefore ceases after this date.
  • From November 2009 some data wera measured over 17 mins 44 secs, collected hourly. Not available on web.
  • If you have any queries about the data please contact me
  • All links with a key required symbol require registration before access is allowed.

IMPORTANT. Since the data is recorded over 8mins 52 seconds and the time given in the files is the start time, PLEASE ADD 266 SECONDS (4 mins 26 secs) to file times to give true data time.

Type of information
LIST of data RECEIVED from individual sites (radial data) Show list
LIST of data PROCESSED for combined sites (vector data) Show list
DATA 1/08/2005- Description/format Data
METADATA for each radar site
Description/format Metadata
METADATA for radar cells (positions etc.) Description/format Metadata

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