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last updated on 10th December 12

Web site status
10th December 2012
Web systems working normally.

Coastal tide gauges
20th June 2011
Problems with display of MDHC network gauges (under investigation).

XBand Radar
22nd July 2009
Off-line while a battery/wind turbine switch is undergoing repair.

HF Radar
2nd June 2009
Both HF radar sites working fully.

Fixed moorings WaveBuoy:
6th August 2010
Hilbre Channel WaveBuoy: Recovered during summer. Current status is under repair.

Fixed moorings SmartBuoy:
20th December 2011
SmartBuoy: Not transmitting in real-time. Schedueled for service early in the new year.

Fixed moorings ADCP:
16th September 2008
ADCP: Real-time system withdrawn from service. However, ADCP current meters at both sites are still recording internally.

Met stations
23rd February 2011
Hilbre Met Station was down due to battery problems. Systems now working normally.

23rd February 2011
Hilbre Webcam was down due to battery problems. Webcam is now working normally.

28th February 2012
Working normally.

3rd December 2010
Working normally.

24th December 2010
Composite images not being displayed.

Ferry measurements
27th January 2010
Withdrawn from service.

Dual Blade

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