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This model runs at the Met Office twice a day (at 00:00 and 12:00) and forecasts direction, significant height and time period of both wind waves and swell waves. A combined significant height (wind and swell waves) is also available.

Each run gives an analysis at the base time (t) and a forecast every 6 hours from the base time (t+6, t+12 hr) to a maximun of t+48.

It covers an area from 30.75°N to 67°N and 14.46°W to 41.14°E. The resolution is 0.25° latitude and 0.4° longitude.

Area of Interest The red rectangle shows the region of interest.

Data arrive on site around 4-5 hours after the base time.

On a typical day, data from the midnight run will appear on the pages at around 5am, when there will an analysis for 00:00 followed by forecasts from 06:00(t+6) through to 18:00 the next day (t+36).

Data from the 12:00 run will appear on the pages at around 5pm, when there will an analysis at 12:00(t) followed by forecasts from 18:00(t+6) which replaces the corresponding charts from the 00:00 run.

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