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subroutine b3dgrid


This subroutine sets up the 3D model on an Arakawa (1972) B-grid, it calls subroutine to read in bathymetry, partition the domain and specify land and open boundaries, through a number of masks: the calculation masks (ipexu and ipexb), and the water masks (ipexub and ipexbb). The latter and hs extend across open boundaries to allow boundary condition flux calculations (i.e. extenal values in halo are set to internal value).

Subroutine arguments

ierr An error flag

Local variables

i,j local indices
icg,jcg global indices
iproc which processor
nactive total number of active points
ntot, nzero, maxload for monitoring the partioning
taghs,tagipexu,tagipexu2,tagiucoast tags

Global variables changed

hsu, hs, ar
ipexu, ipexb, ipexub,ipexbb, iucoast

Logical units


Order of Things

  1. calls hset to set bathymetry and do partitioning
  2. monitors partioning - counts number of wet/dry point on each processor
  3. calls boset to set masks
  4. calls setopenbc to set open boundary points
  5. sets ipexub and ipexbb and calls expandtoopenbci to set values external to open boundaries
  6. sets iucoast for case II boundaries
  7. sets hsu and ensures hs and hsu are zero at land points. Calls htmlrefexpandtoopenbcexpandtoopenbc for hs
  8. sets ups vertical coordinates
  9. calculates areas, ar


Exch3DS Exch3DR
scoordset sigmaset

Called By


Options - Logical

stdout standard output comes from this processor
pttrim trim redundent rows/coulmns
ptonly only doing partitioning
debugger debug output comes from this processor
ucoast use case II land boundaries
scoord using horizontally varying vertical cooridinates

Options - Compiler

DEBUG output debugging information

Known Issues


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