Sefton Coast map Salt marsh
Salt marsh at Fairway, Southport

Sea wall
Sea wall at Southport

Sand dunes
Dunes and sand bars, Formby Point

Rubble beach
Rubble beach, Crosby

Rock armour
Rock armour, docks south of Crosby
The EU Micore Project studied extreme storm impact and risk along nine coasts. The UK study site stretches 36km from the Ribble Estuary in the north to the Mersey Estuary in the south, encompassing several urban towns. It is characterised by a large mobile sand dune system and sand bars.

Sandy beaches dominate; there are also salt marsh areas in the north, hard defences at Southport and Crosby, and a rubble beach from Hightown to Crosby. At Formby Point, our local area of interest, the sand dunes extend inland for a couple of kilometres and reach their maximum height.

 UK map
Dr Alex Souza
National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool
Project coordinator:
Prof. Paolo Ciavola
University of Ferrara