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How to use the MapViewer
The MapViewer allows you to move around maps, zoom in and out and click on points to view data, some in real-time.

Moving the map
Click and hold the left mouse button over the map and your mouse pointer should become a four pointed arrow. Now, while still holding your left mouse button down, move the mouse and the map should pan with your mouse movements. To finish moving the map let go of the left mouse button.

Zoom In/Out
The zoom control is located on the left side of the map. It is a vertical slider marked at intervals with a button marked '+' at the top and a button marked '-' at the bottom.
To zoom in, click the '+' button, or drag the slider further up the bar.
To zoom out, click the '-' button or drag the slider down.

View data on the map
Several different sets of data can be shown on the map. These can be turned on or off by ticking the check boxes. Points where data or information is available will then show up on the map.

Each point is clickable with the left mouse button. Once clicked a bubble box containing data will display.

To close the bubble box click the small [x] in the top corner of the bubble.