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About us

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On the 1st April 2011 the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory merged to form the National Oceanography Centre.


» Project summary
An overview of the Coastal Observatory in terms of monitoring and modelling.

» Future plans
Current status and proposed developments of the Coastal Observatory over the next few years.

» Participants
Lists active participants, stake holders, user groups, interested parties and organisations.

» Survey dates
Scheduled dates for surveys.

» Outputs
Meetings attended, groups visited, references of papers and articles produced and general web statistics.

» Register for data
Use the Registration form to obtain access to data held by the Coastal Observatory and currently protected on this website by a symbol.

If you have already registered and want to change your password or obtain a password reminder please click HERE (remember that your user name will be the email address you gave during your registration)

If you have already registered and wish to have your details deleted from our system please contact:

The Webmaster
National Oceanography Centre
Joseph Proudman building
6 Brownlow Street
Liverpool L3 5DA

» Conditions of use
Outline of the conditions of use regarding using the data.

» Disclaimer
Disclaimer regarding the use of these data and this web site.


The following links are intended for Steering Group members only

» Steering Group (SG)
Explains the role of the Steering Group, who makes it up and its terms of reference.

» SG Documentation
Draft copies of minutes of meetings, dates of subsequent meetings, power point presentions and general information.


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