Marine Radar - Orkney

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Radar images from Island of Eday
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Using << or >> will move you backwards or forwards by 5 images at a time. Using < or > will move through by one image.

Mean Image
This is the mean or average of the time sequence of 256 radar images spanning about 5 minutes - essentially a time lapse image that emphasises consistent targets such as land and areas of breaking waves.

Max Image
This is an image of the maximum signal recorded through the sequence of 256 images. Tracks of birds in flight, regions of high sea surface roughness and boats in the water can often be seen in these images.

Zmax Image
This is the max image with the mean image subtracted from it. This largely removes fixed targets and allows moving/transient targets to be more easily distinguished from the background.

Snapshot Image
This is a single radar image from the end of the image sequence.

False-Colour Image
This is a RGB composite of the mean (Red), snapshot (Green) and max (Blue) images. This produces enhanced colour images showing blue trails of moving targets with a bright spot marking the target's position at the end of the image sequence, and hence showing which way the target was moving. Fixed targets such as land appear white in these images.