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Spring 2010
On the 24th of March 2010 the Glider Team launched Glider-117 (Zephyr) from a location 10 km offshore from North Wales. Its mission is to collect data on a survey transect across the Irish Sea.

It will slowly make its way across the Irish Sea to the start of transect and will continue doing this until told to come home. It has enough battery power to last at least 30 days.

Further information will follow during the mission.

Transect 53 44'N, along 3 30' W and 4 30' W

It will reach the track start in the next few days (at 0.4 m/s).

26 March 16:02
It is currently heading West from a position to the West of the Hamilton North Gas Field and battling against the inward tide.

28 March 21:34
It has now completed its first survey. It is on route to another area further towards the West (ETA Monday afternoon).

31 March 11:48
Glider is currently on its second survey battling through 4m waves.

1 April 21:10
The Glider has now travelled 163km on its first two missions at an average speed of 0.27m/s.

12 April 16:00
The Glider has now been recovered off the coast of North Wales. We are now in the process of analysing the data collected during its 350km journey.

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