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Archived data from mooring sites
Fixed moorings | Full cruise list | Cruise ID MA0209

Cruise Report
Reading the cruise report will help you when viewing and using the following information. pdf file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader » Cruise report


Map showing CTD survey Map showing CTD survey

CTD survey/underway surface data
The red crosses on the opposite map indicate each CTD station. The underway surface data generally follows the grid as each CTD station is visited.

Please note that not all stations are always visited due to the following:

  • Deployment/recovery problems
  • Bad weather
  • Electronic/ship failures

Download data

Get CTD survey data »
Get underway surface data »
Get water bottle nutrient data » Only available from cruise MA4403 onwards


Moorings data
The following table represents mooring data from cruise MA0209. Each mooring deployed during a survey cruise has a unique Rig No. The cruise report should be a guide to the types of data collected. To view more details, including plots and data click on the Rig No. links below.

Rig No. Brief description Latitude Longitude
1055 Site A: ADCP, Two Sea-Bird SBE-16plus   53 32.00 N 3 21.47 W
1054 Site A: Two Sea-Bird MicroCats, Two miniloggers attached to Smartbuoy   53 32.01 N 3 21.68 W
1056 Site B: Two Sea-Bird MicroCats, Two miniloggers attached to Smartbuoy   53 27.11 N 3 38.73 W
1057 Site B: ADCP, Sea-Bird SBE-16plus   53 26.98 N 3 38.61 W

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