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List of presenters

2007 GODAE Coastal Workshop
"Assessing the value of GODAE products in coastal and shelf seas"

Current list of presenters for the 2007 GODAE Coastal Workshop - Liverpool, UK

Last name   First name   Institute   Paper status   Title  
Alvarez Fanjul   Enrique   Puertos del Estado   Oral   The ESEOO circulation system  
Backeberg   Bjorn   NERSC   Oral   A statistical validation approach of a Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model of the Agulhas Current system  
Coppini   Giovanni   INGV   Oral   The ADRICOSM Forecasting System: a GMES prototype for sub-regional and coastal core services and environmental applications  
Counillon   Francois   NERSC   Poster   High resolution ensemble forecasting for the Gulf of Mexico eddies and fronts  
Craig   Peter   CSIRO   Oral   Regional application of Australia's GODAE outcomes  
Davidson   Fraser   Fisheries and Oceans   Oral   Downscaling validation with available observations for the Canada Newfoundland Operational Ocean Forecasting System (C-NOOFS)  
De Mey   Pierre   CNRS   Oral   Designing observational networks for model assessment in coastal and shelf seas  
Edwards   Christopher   Institute for Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz   Oral   On the use of GODAE products to model the circulation off the central California coast  
Giraud Saint-Albin   Sylvie   CLS   Poster   The need for regional oceanography in Offshore applications : Assessing the usability of the Large Scale GODAE products in the Gulf of Mexico  
Hacker   Peter   University of Hawai   Oral   Downscaling in the Hawaiian Islands Using GODAE Global Products  
Halliwell   George   University of Miami, Rosenstiel School   Oral   Sensitivity of West Florida Shelf Simulations to Initial and Boundary Conditions Provided by GODAE Products  
Hansen   Cecilie   NERSC   Poster   The effect of horizontal model grid resolution on a coupled ecosystem model in the Norwegian Sea  
He   Ruoying   North Carolina State University   Oral   Understanding Coastal Circulation in the Gulf of Maine and Middle Atlantic Bight: A Regional Model Hindcast Experiment  
Hernandez   Fabrice   Mercator-Ocean   Oral   Overview of assessment methodology developped for open ocean forecasting system  
In   Teiji   Mutsu Marine Laboratory, Marine Science Foundation   Oral   Nowcasting/Forecasting system of the ocean circulation off Rokkasho village  
Ishikawa   Yoichi   Kyoto University   Oral   Assessing the validity of GODAE products in coastal and shelf seas  
Keghouche   Intissar   NERSC   Poster   Iceberg drift modeling in the Barents Sea  
Kindle   John   NRL   Oral   A Comparison and Evaluation of Two Global GODAE Models (HYCOM and NCOM) as Providers of Boundary Values for Coastal Models of the California Current System  
Kourafalou   Villy   University of Miami, Rosenstiel School   Oral   Nested simulations around the South Florida coastal seas with the SoFLA-HYCOM model  
Lamouroux   Julien   NOVELTIS   Poster   Impact of altimetry data assimilation in hydrodynamic models in Shelf and Coastal areas  
Langlais   Clothilde   Lseet, Toulon   Poster (2)   I: Oceanic zoom in the Gulf of Lion : requirements and issues
II: On the influence of resolution of the atmospheric forcing for coastal modelling
Miyazawa   Yasumasa   JAMSTEC   Oral   Intensive evaluations of the JCOPE ocean forecast systems using a regional metrics  
Moore   Andrew M.   Institute of Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz   Poster   The ROMS 4DVAR and Generalized Stability Analysis Toolkits  
Obaton   Dominique   Mercator-Ocean   Oral   The regional SW European Mercator shelf model  
Oddo   Paolo   INGV   Poster   Lateral open boundary condition for nested limited area models: a scale selective approach  
Powell   Brian   Institute for Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz   Oral   Real-time Data Assimilation and Prediction in the Intra-Americas Sea  
Proctor   Roger   POL   Oral   The influence of initial and open boundary conditions on POLCOMS in the North East Atlantic  
Samelson   Roger   Oregon State University   Oral   Boundary Conditions, Data Assimilation, and Predictability in Coastal Ocean Flows  
She   Jun   DMI   Oral   Using dynamic boundary condition in a Baltic-North Sea operational model  
Siddorn   John   Met Office   Oral   Assessing the value of GODAE products in coastal and shelf seas  
Simoncelli   Simona   Universita di Bologna   Poster   Towards Rapid Environmental Assessment and coastal Forecasting in the Emilia Romagna Coastal Area (Northern Adriatic)  
Sofianos   Sarantis   University of Athens   Oral   Regional and shelf forecasting in the Mediterranean Sea  
Thompson   Keith   Dalhousie University   Poster   Suppressing the Drift and Bias of Coastal Circulation Models By Spectral Nudging  
Tintore   Joaquin   IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB)   Oral   An international coastal ocean technological observatory in the Balearic islands: the relevance of improved satellite altimeter products for regional applications  
Usui   Norihisa   MRI-JMA   Poster   Roles of frontal wave in the East China Sea on the Kuroshio path variation  
You   Xiaobao   CAS-IAP   Poster   Modeling of the circulations for the China Seas and Adjacent Areas using a Regional Eta-Coordinate Ocean Model (RECOM)  
Zhu   Jiang   CAS-IAP   Poster   A nested modeling system for China adjacent seas using HYCOM  

This workshop is an initiative of the IGST (International GODAE Steering Team) under the special direction of Pierre De Mey, LEGOS (Laboratoire d'Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales)