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Bird perch during a survey
Bird perch during a survey

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2nd April 2012
Glider deployment
Glider-117 Zephyr was launched on another Irish Sea mission at 15:00 on the 2 April 2012.
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Fri 18 Jan 5:02 GMT 2019

» About us
About the Irish Sea Observatory, future plans, participants, cruise plan, outputs, register for data, Steering Group information.

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What we are monitoring? Get the latest meteorology, wave heights, currents, tidal sea levels, sea water temperature, salinity, turbidity chlorophyll. Some in real-time others in delayed mode.

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22 January 2014The Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory is no longer supported by modelling and forecasting. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Get information also contained within the monitoring and modelling parts of the website using a map based system.

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Tells you about problems with the real-time data and model forecasts, on-going maintenance and scheduled down times.

Real-time latest
Liverpool Bar Light
2014/05/22 23:59
Sea temp 13.9 degC
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WaveNet Buoy
2013/04/03 13:00:00
Wave height .60 m
Hilbre Island
Hilbre Island Met Station
Data not available
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